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Modern chemical free and automated disinfection solution to stop coronavirus from spreading

A new, effective and chemical-free solution has been developed in Finland to prevent transmission of coronavirus. The award-winning and patented technology utilizes the antimicrobial properties of visible blue LED light. The blue light utilized in the solution is completely safe for humans and materials, but destroys viruses and other microbes on frequently touched surfaces. Automatic disinfection offers significant advantages over conventional chemical disinfection and the disinfection results are excellent day after day.

– The coronavirus, like all other viruses, spreads easily from one human to another, often via frequently touched surfaces, says scientific expert Camilla Höglund.

The risk of disease caused by viruses can be reduced through good hand hygiene, and the introduction of an automatic disinfection system that provides continuous and automatic disinfection of contact surfaces, Höglund continues.

According to current information, coronavirus is easily transmitted by respiratory droplets from person to person or via hand to the contact surface of the virus. If there is a lot of microbes on frequently touched surfaces, good hand hygiene alone is not enough to control the disease. It is important to disinfect frequently touched surfaces such as door handles and handrails.

Critical spaces are, for example, anterooms leading to hospital isolation rooms and areas, public spaces such as toilets and elevators. Once the virus has reached touchable surfaces, traditional air purifying solutions are ineffective.

LED Tailor Oy is the first company in Europe to offer chemical free disinfection solutions based on blue LED light. The Finnish company develops and manufactures disinfection solutions to improve surface hygiene and air quality in healthcare facilities, industrial premises and sites with indoor air quality problems.

For more information, please contact:

Scientific expert, LED Tailor Oy and PhD student, University of Helsinki
Camilla Höglund
+358 44 766 9037

CEO, LED Tailor Oy
Terho Hoskonen
+ 358 44 766 0000

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