New solutions are needed to fight globally spreading infections, like the coronavirus

The world witnesses the outbreak of novel coronavirus, and triggers the WHO to raise it to the level of Public Health Emergency of International Concern. As the health authorities are fast fighting the epidemic, we need more than good hygienic practices to stop the spread of virus.

Led by the University of Turku, IHMEC project promotes new and innovative indoor hygiene (IH) solutions to break infection chain by stopping the spread of microbes and pathogenic virus.

IH solutions are proven scientifically to increase microbiological cleanliness, and reduce the survival and spread of microbes and pathogenic virus in highly populated indoor environment.

Indoor hygiene solutions target the most frequent route of transmission, i.e., indirect contact with infected patients through objects, instruments, and surface materials.

While good hygiene practices like proper hand hygiene, appropriate cleaning and disinfection are necessary, IH solutions can further stop the spread of infection.

 The IHMEC project has a collection of IH guidelines, knowledge, and solution to be shared to break the infection chain.

A comprehensive indoor hygiene solution includes:

By using all the methods and materials mentioned above, the risk of spreading infection through indirect contact can be minimalized or prevent totally.

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